Monday, May 13, 2013

Running 2013

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to get back in shape. I have always been a sports addict and I have always loved feeding the fire within, the adrenalin rush and the incomparable passion for competition and challenge - be it against an opponent or just against myself, putting my own limits to the test. Addicting.

In order to be competitive in sports (again), I need to regain my stamina and shed some weight. This is why I started running again. Running is the simplest of all sports. It's just between you, the road and your stopwatch (if you time yourself). There are plenty of reasons why running is still the best cardio exercise out there. Aside from physical benefits, running has mental benefits as well. It enhances one's discipline, determination and focus - that could very well be applied to one's day-to-day activities at home or at work.

My best (PR) personal record for a 10km run is 52'34" and this was way back 2009 in the Nestlé Milo Marathon:

My first 10km run

Sub-60 "ARETE" winners
I haven't been running consistently for the past few years and I've already gained a few pounds over time. My personal challenge is to get back in the "ARETE" club (sub-60min time for 10km run) or attempt the 21km run (target sub-2hr time) in the MILO® Marathon later this year, or maybe both.

Well so far, here is my work in progress:

Host: ABS-CBN Mindanao
Date: 07 April 2013
Distance: 13 km
Race Time: 1:23'33"

Host: Oro Bankers Club, Inc.
Date: 21 April 2013
Distance: 10 km
Race Time: 1:03'

Host: Xavier University-GLI, NAMFREL, COMELEC
Date: 05 May 2013
Distance: 10 km
Race Time: 58'46"

Well, so far so good for me but I am not there yet. Good news is, I'm on my way.

 Just to share my basic gear when I do my runs (but not all are necessary): 
4. Sony W-Series NWZ-W262 Walkman (with loads of running music)
5. Running clothes of course

I will be sharing more of my runs (or anything related to them) here in the future to see any more progress on my road to wellness.

Feel free to share your thoughts on running or anything related to it. In the meantime, here is a video to inspire you everyday athletes (or aspiring to be one).

Rise and Shine.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Welcome everyone! 

I am Vor, an Engineer by day, an MBA student and sometimes an "after-hours athlete" by night, and this is my fist attempt to blog. Let me start off by giving up some information about myself - the blogger.

I am the fourth of seven awesomely crazy children in our family. I was born in Manila, raised in Quezon City, Bahrain and Brunei Darussalam. I am currently residing here in the City of Golden Friendship: Cagayan de Oro City in Northern Mindanao, Philippines since 2010 because of work.

I am currently in the chapter of my life where I am given the freedom to discover many of its mind-boggling mysteries and wonderful realities - all of its goodness, along with the bad. Life has been an awesome journey thus far. And I look forward to all the amazing experiences that are yet to come. 

The blog posts here will attempt to express or "VoCalize" my thoughts on daily life or any random stuff out there which I believe are worth sharing with you guys. The posts here will also attempt to give you guys an idea of what it is like Just.Being.VoCal.